What Happens if you Don’t Replace Missing Teeth?

Have you lost any teeth or had any teeth removed and haven’t replaced them yet?

Maybe it's been months or years since you removed them and you still haven't thought of a solution to replace the missing teeth? Many people are in the same condition as you, but few realize that being without teeth for a long time can cause serious damage to your health. Below, we will look at 6 different repercussions on the health of those who do not replace their missing teeth.

  1. Bone withdrawal - Just as physical exercise promotes muscle tone, the jaw bone is kept healthy only if it is stimulated by the presence of the teeth and chewing. When you are missing a tooth, the area of ​​the bone where the tooth was no longer receives any stimulation and therefore begins to reabsorb and become thinner and thinner.
  2. Crooked teeth - The neighboring teeth begin to bend towards the point where the root of your tooth once was, because they no longer find a support to hold them in place. Over time, the displacement of these 2 teeth triggers a domino effect, which makes you twist all the teeth of the arch. As you can guess, this situation is a very serious cosmetic problem. Not only that: crooked teeth also affect chewing.
  3. Difficulty chewing - Teeth must not only be beautiful to look at, but they must also break up the food we eat. Depending on where you are missing a tooth, you may find it difficult to eat some of your favorite foods. For example, the back teeth (molars) play a key role when we chew meat or other hard foods. If you miss any, you may not be able to chew well. Poor chewing can impact your digestion, and cause acid reflux. In fact, lightly chewed food overloads the stomach and does not allow it to perform its functions in the best possible way.
  4. Headache and back pain - Do you often suffer from headaches or back pain? It sounds strange, but the fault could be the teeth that you no longer have. When you are missing teeth and maybe some are already a little crooked, your arches no longer match and therefore you are no longer able to close them properly. The arches cannot distribute tension evenly when you chew. Then the joints become inflamed and start to hurt you. Recurrent headaches, loss of balance, back pain are the order of the day for those who have been without teeth for too long.
  5. Aged face - Teeth largely determine the shape and structure of your face. It would surprise you to know how much missing teeth can ruin the aesthetics of your face. When the bone under the gum becomes very thin, the face begins to look more and more sunken.
  6. Loss of all other teeth - If you don't replace your teeth, the situation could get worse and worse. The bone is not limited to withdrawing only where your tooth once was, but also under the roots of all neighboring teeth. A real chain reaction is triggered, in which your teeth become one by one more and more unstable and eventually fall out, because they no longer have enough bone to be supported. It is incredible to think that from what seemed like a harmless loss of just 1 tooth, after years it can cause you to lose all the teeth you have in your mouth.

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