What are Implant Retained Dentures?

Patients that need a denture do not have to be saddled with ill-fitting traditional dentures and messy adhesives for the rest of their lives. Implant dentures are a great alternative that are often more aesthetically pleasing and are significantly more stable and durable than traditional dentures. An implant retained denture is an implant supported dental prosthesis that can be removed daily by the patient for oral hygiene and sleeping.

How do implant retained dentures work?

Implant retained dentures do require the patient to undergo invasive implant placement surgery and the six months healing time necessary to allow the implants to integrate with the bone structure. Implants are a great option to restore missing teeth and they also help ensure bone health! Years of wearing a traditional denture above the gum surface can lead to bone deterioration which can alter the appearance of your facial structure and make your denture uncomfortable to wear. Dental implants stimulate bone regeneration which prevents changes to your face.

Nylon O-rings are placed on each implant and allow the patient to snap their denture in and out as needed. The rings will need to be replaced every 1 to 5 years but it is a simple procedure. Your denture will also need to be replaced eventually due to normal wear and tear.

How are dental implants placed?

Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon or periodontist who will place your dental implants! The doctor will make a small incision in the gum tissue and drill a hole into your job bone. The titanium implant is placed in the hole with a small part extending beyond the gum tissue onto which the denture is affixed. Your implants will be left to heal for about six months while they integrate with your jaw bone. During this time, you will be fitted for a temporary denture to protect the implants and give you the ability to eat and speak normally.

Once your implants are healed and fully integrated with the job bone, your dentist will place the nylon rings onto the implants and snap your new permanent denture into place!

Who can have implant retained dentures?

Your dentist will help determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants and will send your to a specialist for evaluation. Your implant doctor will evaluate the area to be sure that you have sufficient bone structure to support dental implants. If it is determined that you do not have enough bone structure or gum tissue, your doctor may recommend a preparatory surgery such as a gum graft or bone graft. These procedures will help ensure the highest possible success rate for your implants.

It is important for you to understand what is involved with an implant retained denture before you begin treatment. Implant retained dentures or a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way to restore the form and function of your mouth. If you need a denture, speak with your dentist to see if an implant retained denture will meet the goals you have for your smile!

How Long Do Implant Retained Dentures Last?