Temporary Tooth Filling

A temporary filling can be used to protect her tooth while awaiting a permanent restoration. If you have a root canal, a temporary filling will be placed until you can see your dentist for your permanent filling or a crown. Your dentist may also place a temporary filling as a protective restoration while your permanent restoration is being fabricated at a dental lab.

While you have a temporary tooth filling dayton ohio, there are some precautions you must take to keep it in place and avoid damaging your compromised tooth.

Can you eat and drink with a temporary tooth filling?

You can absolutely eat and drink with a temporary filling. You will likely have this filling for at least two weeks so you simply need to take care chewing. Your dentist will review what foods should be avoided which will include sticky and very crunchy foods and gum. You can eat mostly anything you normally do but it is important to try to chew only on the side of your mouth that does not have the temporary filling. You will also want to take care with hot beverages.

During the time you have your temporary filling, you may actually forget that it’s there and chew on the tooth. The filling should be fine but if you feel anything abnormal or any sensitivity, give your dentist a call to see if you need to have the filling checked.

Oral Hygiene With a Temporary Filling

You will of course need to continue with your oral hygiene care while you have your temporary filling in place. It is important to make sure that you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush and that you brush very gently over the filling. you also need to take extra care when flossing, especially if your temporary filling reaches the cusp of your tooth. If your dental floss becomes caught, do not try to pull it out because you can pull the temporary filling out! Instead, pull it out through the teeth to the side.

If you have to have your temporary filling in place for a long time, it can hold up just fine if you hear the precautions that your dentist advises you.

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