Root Canals and Cost of Root Canal Procedures

A dayton root canal is a critical procedure performed by dentists to save a damaged or diseased tooth. The root is located in the center of the tooth. Due to an oral injury, a cavity, or a crack, a tooth root can become damaged or diseased. Of course, the cost of an emergency dental procedure, like a root canal, is an extra cost you may not have saved for. However, if a damaged or diseased root is left untreated it can result in severe complications, including an infection in the bone or a tooth abscess. On average, a root canal procedure can range in cost from $750 to $1,200. Below is information to help you understand how much emergency dental procedures cost and the factors that may influence these costs.

Factors That Influence The Cost of a Root Canal:

  • Tooth Location: The location of the diseased or damaged tooth in the mouth is one of the biggest factors that can impact the cost of a root canal. A front tooth in need of treatment will cost less than a molar in need of treatment. Molars often have more than one root, sometimes up to three, and therefore require more work during a root canal procedure.
  • Geographic Location: Your living location is another factor that influences the cost of dental procedures. Individuals who live in coastal locations generally pay higher prices for dental procedures than those living in other parts of the United States.
  • Treatment Timing: The longer someone waits for a root canal, the more work that may needed, and the more they should expect to pay. Root canal procedures that take place immediately after the damaged root is identified will be easier for the dentist to perform. Over time, the damage or infection in a root may become more severe. The more damaged a root is the more work will necessary to clean out the root and the canal. If a root has become so damaged that a root canal is no longer possible, a tooth extraction and replacement tooth may be needed, and the cost of the treatment will significantly increase.
  • Previous Damage: If a root canal is needed on a tooth that has been previously repaired the additional procedure may be more complicated to perform. A previously repaired tooth may be fragile and preserving the natural tooth may be a challenge. For example, installing an artificial crown over the repaired tooth may be necessary since the tooth has been drilled into previously. The extra work required during the follow-up procedure may result in added costs.

The cost of emergency dental procedures can depend on many factors and may be unexpected in the lives of many. Regardless of the reason why you need a root canal, the best way to prepare and plan for the cost of the procedure is to have a discussion with your dentist. The most important thing to remember about root canal procedures is that the longer you wait, the more the procedure may cost in the long run.

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