Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Dayton

Third molars, more commonly known as wisdom teeth, do not begin emerging ages 16 to 25. At our Dayton dental practice, Dr. John T. Green is dedicated to keeping his patients’ smiles as healthy as possible by performing third molar extractions, before these teeth become a concern.

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Proactive Care to Prevent Wisdom Teeth Problems

John T Green DDS Inc. - Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Dayton, OH

Attending regular visits at our Dayton practice helps our dentist keep an eye on wisdom teeth development. Dr. Green monitors your smile through CT scans during routine appointments and devises a treatment plan to prevent any dental problems associated with impacted third molars.

Removing wisdom teeth ensures your oral health is maintained and prevents damage to your smile. If third molars begin shifting surrounding teeth due to the improper eruption, this could result in orthodontic issues such as crowding and misalignment of the bite. Chronic discomfort and increased risk of soft tissue infection or damage to surrounding teeth are common complications of emerging third molars. Impacted wisdom teeth compromise not only your oral health but overall wellness.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Dayton

Dr. John Green ensures patients’ procedures are as comfortable and convenient as possible. Wisdom teeth extractions are completed in-house, so you don’t have to visit unfamiliar offices for complex care – this includes both simple and complex extractions. In general, your treatment is completed in two visits. At the first appointment, you will consult with Dr. Green to learn all details of the procedures, review your medical history, and receive post-treatment information. Providing patients with knowledge of their treatment allows them to feel confident as they move forward with their care.

Wisdom teeth extractions are performed during your second visit. Dr. Green and his professional staff understand how anxious patients can be during this procedure, which is why we offer IV sedation and oral conscious sedation medication to ensure your treatment can be completed without fear or worry. While you are relaxed, Dr. Green can easily and efficiently remove impacted teeth. An appointment to remove the wisdom teeth typically takes 45 minutes. 

We are committed to offering the best possible experience and are focused on patient comfort and wellness.

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If your wisdom teeth are erupting improperly if you are at an increased risk for complications in the future, Dr. Green provides treatment to resolve these concerns. Contact our Dayton practice for comfortable and effective care to maintain your oral and overall health.