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John T. Green, DDS - Dental Sedation Services

Dental care is most successful when patients are at-ease, but it’s common to feel anxious if your upcoming appointment includes complex treatment or surgical intervention. These feelings are heightened if patients have a fear of the dentist. At the dental office of John T. Green DDS, Inc. We offer sedation dentistry in Dayton to promote patients’ comfort and create positive experiences under our care.

If you have questions about how dental sedation can benefit your upcoming treatment, contact our office for a consultation.

Sedation Dentistry in Dayton, OH - John T Green DDS Inc.

The Benefits of Sedation

When patients are tense, they unconsciously clench muscles throughout their body and even in their jaw. This can make it hard to perform necessary dental treatments and can leave patients feeling unnecessarily sore after their appointment. With extra care to promote relaxation, patients feel calm and their jaws soften so Dr. Green can access areas for treatment. The length of your appoint may also be shorter with sedation, as Dr. Green can continue treatment without pauses or interruption.

Sedative medication also creates pleasant feelings of forgetfulness during the dental procedures. Noises, such as those made by a dental drill or suction, are not remembered, helping to abate patients’ anxiety, which is often wrapped up in the sensory experience of dentistry.

Options for Sedation Dental Care with Dr. Green

Our office provides two of the most effective and dependable ways to create feelings of ease and relaxation: IV sedation and oral conscious sedation. The method recommended for your appointment is based on your level of anxiety, the length of the scheduled procedure, and the extent of the treatment. 

Oral anxiety medication can be provided on an individual basis after a consultation with our doctor. For mild anxiety and shorter procedures, this approach works well. If a patient’s level of anxiety is too heightened for oral sedation, IV medication is recommended.

IV Sedation – This method of sleep dentistry is monitored carefully by a registered nurse, as well as our dentist. IV sedation can be provided for any treatment, regardless of the length of the procedure. Dr. Green offers this form of sedative for cleanings, fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions. This is also highly recommended for patients scheduled to receive full mouth rehabilitation. Your treatment is comfortable and far more enjoyable. Some patients may even be prescribed an initial dose of oral anxiety medication, which is then supplemented with in-office IV treatment.

After your appointment, you are sent home completely awake. In many cases, patients will need a loved one to take them to and from their appointment as the patient is not permitted to drive.

Ask Dr. Green about Worry-Free Dental Treatments!

Your experience at our office doesn’t have to be stressful. Our Dayton sedation dentist, Dr. Green, offers effective and soothing methods of sedation to create the best possible experience during your visit. Visit our dental practice for more information about what IV sedation can do to create pleasant experiences. Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment today!