Oral Surgery FAQ

If you have recently decided to have oral surgery, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the planning and scheduling you now have to do. Doing a little research to answer all of your questions and concerns will go a long way to making you feel better and more prepared. Here are a few common questions patients have before oral surgery and answers to help you get started on feeling prepared.

Does my dental insurance cover my oral surgery?

Many necessary oral surgeries are covered either fully or partially by general dental or medical insurance plans. But, the amount of coverage really depends on the procedure. Prior to scheduling your procedure, or just after, it is a good idea to get a pre-estimate of the estimated costs from your dentist or oral surgeon. Next, contact your insurance company and see if all or some of the procedure costs are covered by your plan. Taking these steps ahead of time can relieve a great deal of stress and can also help you troubleshoot if your plan does not cover the procedure you need.

Do I need to find an oral surgeon?

Today many oral surgeries are routine procedures that can be completed in a regular dentist office. You should have a discussion with your dentist to determine if they have the training and experience to perform the procedure you need or if they will refer you to an oral surgeon.

What is an oral surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dental specialist, with advanced training and experience in treating diseases of the jaws, teeth, mouth and face. Oral surgeons perform a wide variety of procedures ranging from a simple tooth extraction to a complicated jaw reconstructive procedure. After their general dentistry training, oral surgeons spend an extra 4-8 years in dental school specializing in surgery to develop their expertise and be fully trained. Many go on to attend a residency training program.

How long is an oral surgery?

Oral surgeries are usually completed in a few hours. Depending on how invasive the procedure is, and the anesthesia administered, you may need to stay a few hours extra in recovery.

How long is recovery from oral surgery?

In general, the healing process after surgery will take a few weeks, however the post oral surgery recovery period is relatively quick. You should plan ahead to rest for at least 2 days after surgery with no other commitments. Your dentist or oral surgeon will give you in-depth post-surgery instructions to help your recovery go smoothly. You should also plan to not engage in physical activity for a minimum of 2-3 days. After 2-3 days, you should be able to return to your normal routine.

How long does the pain last after oral surgery?

For many patients, the biggest fear about oral surgery is the pain involved. The amount of pain you can expect after surgery will depend on how extensive the procedure was. If necessary, your dentist or surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help you recover comfortably, with little to no pain.

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