Is gum contouring painful?

Gum contouring is a simple procedure that is used to help patients who have an uneven gum line, a gummy smile, or gum recession. For this treatment, the doctor will likely use a soft tissue laser though some doctors still use a scalpel. Your Dentist may be able to perform gum contouring in office or they may send you to a Periodontist.

Is gum contouring painful?

Your doctor will numb the area to be treated before they begin but you are likely to experience some level of discomfort once the anesthesia begins to wear off. If your doctor is using a soft tissue laser, it will cauterize the tissue as it cuts to make sure that there is no excessive bleeding. if your doctor is using a scalpel, there will be some bleeding but rest assured that your doctor will keep you in the office until the bleeding subsides.

How do I care for my gum tissue after contouring?

Your doctor will give you a list of postoperative care instructions after gum contouring surgery which will cover pain management, oral hygiene, and foods.

For pain management, your doctor will likely advise that you take an over-the-counter, aspirin free pain medication. Aspirin products will promote bleeding so it is very important to avoid them. If necessary, they may be able to prescribe a mild pain medication. He will also be given an antibiotic which should be taken as directed and info to avoid infection.

You will be advised to make some modifications to your home oral care. Any mouthwashes that contain alcohol should be avoided, instead use a warm salt water rinse to help with swelling, relieve discomfort, and clear away any food particles after eating. You can use the warm salt water rinse as often as you like. Take care when brushing and flossing to be as gentle as possible.

After a couple of days of a liquid diet with soups and smoothies, you can begin to eat soft foods such as pasta, eggs, and soft cooked vegetables. You will need, and want, to avoid crunchy or spicy foods as well as any foods with small seeds that can become lodged in your gum tissue and irritate the area. It is also important that you avoid beverages that are carbonated or acidic or contain alcohol.

As with any surgery, the more you allow your body to rest and heal the quicker your recovery will be. Some swelling and tenderness can be expected but will subside a little every day and should be gone within 3 to 4 days. If you are experiencing more pain than you think you should, call your doctor so you can be seen for a quick post op appointment to make sure you are not developing an infection.

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