How to Get Rid of Swollen Gums?

Swollen gums and gingivitis can be treated easily at an early stage or when the symptom has not become severe and chronic. The best remedy for swollen gums is daily oral hygiene and proper care of your mouth. In addition to when to brush your teeth, the way you brush and the correct use of all oral hygiene tools such as toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash. When we have swollen gums, it is important to gently clean and rinse very often with mouthwash in order to eliminate as many bacteria as possible.

In case of severe gingivitis and very swollen gums, it is advisable to contact your dentist who, once the situation has been assessed through a preliminary visit, will provide us with the therapy to follow to eliminate gingivitis and swelling, also indicating specific mouthwashes and toothpastes to use.

Treatments for the gums

To facilitate the healing process in case of gingivitis and to treat swollen gums, it is advisable to take the following precautions that allow us to remove bacterial plaque and thus promote healing:

  • Brush your teeth often and gently using toothpastes designed for gingivitis
  • Use an electric toothbrush, if available, with soft bristles
  • Rinse often with mouthwash
  • Floss or brush your teeth after each meal
  • Put cold compresses on the affected area
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • Do a curettage at the dentist

Natural remedies for swollen gums

When we are at home with swollen, inflamed and sore gums and we cannot go to the dentist, there are a few natural remedies you can try to help alleviate your symptoms, though it should be stressed that you should visit your dentist if you have persistent swollen gums.

  • Water and salt: natural sea salt has properties and contains minerals that are able to reduce inflammation, fight infections and soothe pain. Dissolve a pinch of salt in a glass of hot water and rinse 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear.
  • Lemon water: rinse in the mouth or with pure lemon juice or diluted in a glass of water. This practice is highly recommended even if it can be a little painful in case of gingivitis and severe inflammation.
  • Turmeric: has great anti-inflammatory power and is often used in case of swollen or inflamed gums. Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, helps reduce pain and deflate the gums. For the treatment it is recommended to dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric in a little natural water to create a batter. With the mixture obtained, the gum is gently massaged, leaving it to act for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. The treatment is repeated twice a day until the gingivitis disappears.
  • Green tea: often useful in case of gum swelling, inflamed gum pockets. To be used for rinsing.
  • Aloe vera gel: soothing, healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has antibacterial, soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. To be applied on inflamed gums by performing a massage and leaving it on for 30 minutes. Aloe vera gel is useful for deflation of the gums but also for the treatment of lesions of the oral mucosa
  • Chamomile: simple and effective remedy to soothe inflammation of the gums. Prepare the infusion and let it cool and then use it for oral rinses. Rinse at least 2-3 times a day until symptoms improve.

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