How Much Do Implant Retained Dentures Cost?

Traditional dentures have been used to restore a patient's mouth for decades. A traditional denture is held in place using adhesion and suction but this can allow the denture to slip when a patient is eating or speaking and overtime, may become ill-fitting as the patient’s jaw bone structure deteriorates.

An alternative option to traditional dentures is an implant-retained denture. An implant-retained denture is held in place using dental implants instead of adhesive material and are significantly more stable and often fit much better than a traditional denture. Implant-retained, sometimes called a snap-in denture, can easily be snapped in and out of the mouth by the patient.

What is the procedure for having implants placed?

A periodontist or oral surgeon is the dental professional that will place your implants. Your dentist will likely refer you to a doctor that they trust and work with frequently.

To begin, the doctor will make a small incision in the gum tissue and then drill a small hole into your jaw bone in which the titanium implant will be placed. The implant will sit in the bone but also protrude through the gum tissue where the abutment and restoration will be attached.

You will be given a temporary denture to wear while your implants heal for about six months. This extensive healing time allows the implants to fully integrate with the bone structure to provide a stable base for your implant-retained denture. Once you are completely healed, your dentist will place your permanent denture!

What are the pros and cons of implant-retained dentures?

Snap-in dentures are much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for patients hoping for a natural-looking restoration. Traditional dentures can slip around in the mouth and cause irritations and sores on the gum tissue but snap-in dentures are held securely in place and will not cause irritation.

Another huge benefit for implant-retained dentures is the overall health of your jaw bone. Wearing a traditional denture that sits above the gumline can lead to jaw bone deterioration and eventually change the shape of your face. Your denture will also not fit as well and need to be replaced. Dental implants help stimulate bone regeneration and help keep your bone structure healthy.

Implant-retained dentures are not without their downside, the biggest being the cost and timeframe. Even though snap-in dentures cost more in the beginning, they last much longer than traditional dentures so do not need to be replaced as often and are usually much more cost-effective in the long run.

How much do implant-retained dentures cost?

The actual placement of a dental implant can cost up to $2000 each, up to $8000 per arch. The denture itself can cost up to $10,000 depending on the materials used and number of teeth involved.

If you have dental insurance, you may be able to plan your treatment out over the course of two years to take advantage of dental benefits and two separate calendar years.

An implant-retained denture is a great way for patients to restore the form and function of their mouth. If you will need a denture, speak with your dentist to see if you are a candidate for dental implants and an implant-retained denture!

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