How Long is Oral Surgery Recovery?

If you have an oral surgery at john t green  scheduled, you may have anxiety about the surgery, including what is involved in the recovery process. Most oral surgeries take just a few hours and then patients are sent home with a detailed list of post-operative instructions. There are many things you can do to make sure your upcoming surgery and recovery go as smooth as possible including being prepared. Below is more information on the post-surgery recovery process to help you be prepared and ready for a quick recovery.

Tips to a Quicker Recovery

The most important step to make your recovery from oral surgery as quick as possible is to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions. The next best step is to

be prepared prior to the procedure. Here a few quick tips:

  • Have your home stocked with the foods recommended by your surgeon.
  • Have a friend available to drive you home and pick up a prescription for a pain medication.
  • Make sure you have allowed enough time to recover, meaning don’t plan activities for the first few days that will need your time and attention.

The more you are prepared and prioritize your surgery the quicker you will recover.

What to Expect from Recovery?

After surgery there are complications you should expect in the first few days. These are a normal part of the healing process. For a few days you should expect:

  • Bleeding: If you have had a tooth removed or have another invasive procedure, bleeding is common for up to 24 hours after surgery. If you have bleeding for longer than 24 hours and the bleeding is more than light you should contact your surgeon.
  • Swelling is another common response to an oral surgery. To help reduce swelling try to keep your head elevated with pillows. Additionally, ice packs on the outside of the cheeks can help reduce swelling. Don’t be alarmed, swelling can last for approximately 7-10 days after oral surgery.
  • Pain after surgery is expected, but will depend on the type of procedure and how extensive it was. For wisdom tooth extraction, when teeth are impacted, more pain may be expected. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication if they think will be necessary to help you recover comfortably.

How Long is Recovery

Even though the healing will take a bit longer, the recovery period post oral surgery is relatively quick. At minimum, you should expect recovery to least 2 days after surgery. When you are planning ahead you should consider that you will need at least 2 days reserved with minimal activity. Your dentist will recommend that you minimize physical activity for 2-3 days following oral surgery. One of the best ways to speed up your recovery from oral surgery is to maintain discipline with your oral hygiene. Make sure you keep the surgical site clean, avoid any spitting or sucking for at least 24-hours, and brush your teeth gently rinsing with water. Additionally, you should avoid smoking or tobacco use for at least a week after surgery.

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