How Long Do Implant Retained Dentures Last?

There are a number of restorative options available to patients who need to replace one or more missing teeth. One of the better choices is an implant-retained denture. Using an implant-supported dental prosthesis is beneficial to the overall health of your job and structure. Dental implants act as the root of a tooth and help stimulate bone regeneration to keep potential deterioration from happening.

If you need a denture, a few implants can be placed in the jaw and a denture can be affixed onto the implants as either removable or fixed. An implant-retained denture is also referred to as a snap-in denture because it literally snaps onto the implants. Implant retained-dentures are much more sturdy and durable than traditional dentures and typically last much longer. Implant placement surgery is invasive and takes about six months to heal completely but for patients who were able to endure surgery and healing, an implant retained-denture is a great option!

What is the procedure for dental implant surgery?

Not everyone is a candidate for implant surgery but you are a dentist and oral surgeon will determine if you are or not. Some patients may need to have a preparatory surgery such as a gum or a bone graft before the implants can be placed. This will add some additional healing time but will ensure the success of the implants!

Once your oral surgeon determines how many implants will be placed in your jaw, they will determine their ideal location and make a small incision in the gum tissue at each site. They will then drill a hole into your jaw bone and set the implant in the hole. The titanium implant will heal for six months, allowing the implants to integrate with the bone. During this time, you will wear a temporary denture to allow you to eat and speak normally as well as become used to a denture.

A traditional implant will have an abutment attached to the implant that allows the implant crown to be placed but for an implant-retained denture, nylon O-rings are fitted around each implant to allow the denture to be snapped in and out of the patient’s mouth.

How long do implant-retained dentures last?

Dental implant restorations are initially more costly than other restorative options but in the long run, they are actually the more cost-effective choice! Implants have the ability to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance though your denture will likely need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years due to regular wear and tear on the porcelain. The nylon O-rings will wear out more quickly and probably need to be replaced every one to five years.

If you are already wearing a traditional denture, you may think that you can save a little off the top by using your current denture on your implants but this is not ideal, it is important to have an implant-retained denture fabricated specifically for your implants.

Speak with your dentist to see if you are a candidate for implant placement and an implant-retained denture!

How Much Do Implant Retained Dentures Cost?