Finding a Dentist near me

Let’s create a scenario. You’ve just moved to town and you need to find a dayton dentist. Let’s also acknowledge that knowledge is power. For starters let’s identify the different categories of dentistry if you are having a specific problem or issue. Then we’ll go through a list of suggestions in finding a dentist and finally a possible checklist to qualify that dentist of choice.

The Different Types of Dentistry

If you have a small child and you need to schedule an appointment for he or she the first thing you’ll be looking for is a pediatric dentist which is a dentist whose specialty is treating children. If you have a constant pain and it might be a root canal that needs to be solution you would be inquiring about an endodontist. You have been brushing and your gums begin to bleed you need to find a periodontist in the community. Your previous dentist before moving extracted a tooth and recommended a replacement which leaves you now looking for a prosthodontist, a specialist in dental implants or dental bridges. Finally, you know you need to straighten or align your teeth, or your child’s, so you would be looking for an orthodontist.

Suggestions for Finding a Dentist in your Community

The ADA, or American Dental Association, offers these suggestions to get you started. Begin by asking local family, co-workers, neighbors or friends for their suggestions. Whom do they see for regular check-ups and general dentistry. Visiting the dentist has been known to create anxiety in many patients, so ask more than one individual and filter their responses.

You can also ask your family doctor or even a local pharmacist. They both would be knowledgeable in this area and should have an objective opinion. You can do an electronic search and then review websites. Most of the offices should have information posted and then you can check reviews that are available on-line as well. You can also check with the state dental society and see you they might recommend in your immediate market.

Qualifying Questions

Don’t forget, you are the patient and this is about you. Here are some considerations when qualifying a dental practice. First, location, location. Where is the office and is it easy to get to from either your home or work? Next, take a look at the office hours. Are they  convenient for the dentist or the patient? Check or ask about the education; where is it from and is there a belief or practice in continuing education. A big area would be the approach to preventive dentistry. Of course, let us not forget your dental insurance provider. Make a follow up call to them to make sure there are no coverage issues.

Once you believe you have narrowed it down and find yourself in the office, pay close attention to the chair-side manner. Is this an individual that you are comfortable with in being your teammate when it comes to handling your oral hygiene program in the years to come. Finally, do not be afraid to try someone else. YOU are the customer.

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