How often should you visit dentist?

Before we make suggestions on the frequency of your dental visits lets first build a case on why you should go. We’ll start with the value of your smile. As an asset, it is not something you can get appraised. You need to understand that research has proven that your smile directly affects your self-confidence and your self-esteem. These are foundational attributes that establish personal and professional relationships. Your dentist plays a big role in helping you present the best smile possible. We’ll first look at situations that may change the frequencies of your visits and then some of the oral health services that the dental office dayton will perform.

What is Suggested by the ADA?

The health industry and the American Dental Association strongly suggest that the best baseline is to have dental examinations every six months. This is a rule of thumb because there is no fixed answer. The best avenue to take is to establish a dentist. He or she is part of your personal health team. An oral health plan can be developed between the two of you once your conditions and habits are established.

You may be a candidate for more frequent dental visits. Some of the risks that can increase the necessity for more visits would be if you enjoy tobacco products. During pregnancy, you should increase your exams. If you have been diagnosed with diabetics you may have to go three to four times a year. If you have experienced gum disease it may be necessary to monitor it more closely. An individual with a weak immune system which opens the door for bacterial infections must be evaluated more frequently. Finally, if you develop plaque quickly and tend to get cavities you’ll want to be seen more often to be pro-active in your oral hygiene.

What does the Dentist do to help your Smile?

After a health history has been established with the effort to determine more about your habits the dentist will conduct a thorough dental examination. This includes teeth, gums, tongue and the soft tissues of your teeth. Sometimes oral cancer screening can include your lips and your neck.

X-rays are captured to help build that oral history. Then comes the best part. A professional teeth cleaning will be conducted by a hygienist. This effort to scale off all the plaque and tartar and remove bacteria that softens your enamel or inflames your gum tissue.

The dental office will give you the best opportunity to sport your best smile. They can align and adjust your teeth and keep your gums healthy. They will also ask you to contribute in the plan by giving you a new tooth brush and asking you to brush slowly twice a day for about two minutes each time. They will also ask you to floss. If you have healthy habits and exercise good oral hygiene practices it may be such that the necessity for dental visits will drop. It will vary during different periods of time in your life. Simply understand that the dentist is there to be your teammate and to help you.

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