How Much Does Gum Grafting Cost?

Gum graft surgery in dayton ohio is a great way to restore receding gum tissue. It is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in your periodontist’s office. Gum recession is very common among dental patients and can be caused by periodontal disease, overly aggressive brushing, genetics, and even medications. Receding gum tissue allows the surface of the tooth root to become exposed leading to the experienced sensitivity of hot and cold foods. Left untreated, gum recession can lead to root decay, bone deterioration, and even tooth loss.

A gum graft is relatively inexpensive when compared to other restorative procedures that may be required if gum recession is left untreated. In this section, we will review some of the costs you can expect when considering gum graft surgery.

Gum Graft Procedure

A periodontist is most likely the doctor that you will see to have your gum graft surgery. Before they begin, the doctor will use a topical numbing agent before administering a local anesthetic to the area being treated. General anesthesia is not a common practice for this particular procedure.

Your doctor will determine which type of gum graft to perform on you. This could be a connective tissue graft, a free gingival graft, or a pedicle graft. Your doctor will make an incision at the affected area to create a pocket to which the healthy, harvested tissue will be stitched.

Cost of Gum Graft Surgery

A couple of things can affect the overall cost of your gum surgery. The base cost of a gum graft can be between $600 and $1200 per tooth. A periodontist is a specialist so is likely to have a higher fee. Donor tissue is more expensive than tissue that is harvested from the roof of your mouth. There is also the possibility of requiring gum contouring during your gum graft which can bring your overall fee up to $3000 per tooth.

Additional Costs and Possible Discounts

If your general dentist is unable to perform gum graft surgery in their office, they will likely refer you to a trusted periodontist that they work with often. For your first visit, the periodontist will need to perform a periodontal exam before concluding if a gum graft surgery would be beneficial for you and if so, what type of gum graft to use. This exam may also include any additional x-rays that they may need to determine the health of your tooth roots and bone structure. This consultation and examination can cost up to $500.

Your dental insurance may cover some of the cost of your treatment but you may also have some benefits through your medical insurance that can be used if the surgery is considered medically necessary. Look into your insurance benefits both medical and dental before your surgery so you’ll know what to expect. You may also consider having your surgery performed at a dental school or through a continuing education program. At both a dental school and continuing education program, all procedures performed are monitored step by step by trained dental professionals.

Finding the Right Provider for You

Since the periodontist is most likely the professional you require for a gum graft surgery, your dentist will be able to provide you with some names of doctors they know and trust. If you have dental insurance, your insurance provider’s website will have a “find a provider“ tool to help locate a dental professional in your area. You can also look on the websites for the American Academy of Periodontology and for the American Dental Association.

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