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How to fix pitted teeth?
How can you fixed pitted teeth? Is it too late to treat the problem? What caused the pitting to begin with? Lets explore some of these topics to decide how we can fix the problem.

What is Enamel?
Enamel is a sturdy and strong tissue your body creates in order to protect your teeth and the dentin inside your tooth.

What is Pitted Enamel?
Pits appear on the enamel surface of teeth as acids and other exposures wear and erode the enamel itself. Enamel pitting can look like a small fracture, or a brown spec on the surface of your tooth.

What are the signs and symptoms of Enamel Pitting?
1. Patients may experience pain, particularly when eating or drinking food with hot/cold temperature, or very sweet or sour foods.
2. Discoloration- Although the enamel is translucent, staining on the surface or below to the dentin is a sign of dental erosion
3. Pits- Small pockmarks on the surface of your teeth
4. Dental Cupping- Small cups or bowl shaped crevices appear on the chewing surface area of your teeth, especially your molars.

What can you avoid to prevent pitted Enamel?
* High Acidity foods and drinks
* High sugar foods and drinks
* Smoking
* Heavy Drinking
* Frequent Vomiting
* Treat Acid Reflux or GERD promptly

How can you treat Enamel Pitting?
The enamel cannot be treated, once the tissue is broken it does not repair. So, if all preventative measures have failed, you will need to look into sealants. Sealant options are often very approachable, cost effective, and useful to protect your teeth. Your dentist can apply a high tech composite to the surface where the enamel is eroded, like the pitted or cupped surface, and this will protect against any other intrusions by food, bacteria, or acidity.

What if the Erosion has affected the shape and look of your teeth?
If significant damage has been caused to the tooth surface, or the underlying tooth structure, your best option is probably to look into replacements. A polished Veneer is a great option, because your dentist can easily remove the area of enamel pitting, create a veneer cap in the sturdy tooth structure, and attach the veneer. Veneers are a very common tooth replacement option, and they provide a level of protection similar to the enamel that you are replacing. Veneers protect the tooth structure underneath and look great. You can also consider a dental implant, which is the most effective way to replace a tooth and stimulate bone growth in the jaw underneath.

What should you do next?
Make an appointment today and see what your dentist thinks. Begin with a thorough cleaning and examination, and make sure your x rays are up to date. Once your hygiene is under control, your dentist will be the best advocate for the next step in the process. They are not going to remove your teeth if they think they are healthy. Ask about replacement options if it becomes necessary, and learn to love your smile again.