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There’s a Lot of Value in those Routine Exams!

dental exam dayton | dentist dayton ohDental visits may seem hum-drum. Sometimes, you may even find yourself questioning if there is really any point. If you brush your teeth every day and you floss often (daily, we hope), what harm could there be in putting off that dental exam for a month or two? Life is busy and there are some things that just can’t get done as often as we’d like, right? This theory doesn’t apply to your dental exams. Let’s look at some of the benefits that you can get from seeing your dentist every six months.

Benefits of Routine Dental Exams

  • You could use the backup. We all benefit from a little extra help in tackling a big project – and oral health is a project that takes a lifetime. At home, you see the result of your oral care habits, but not everything. Plaque is a prime example. This sticky substance is not visible to the naked eye, unless it really piles on and hardens into tartar. But we don’t want that to happen! During your dental exam, your teeth are observed with magnifying glasses that show us any little area where plaque may be building up.
  • Early treatment is conservative. If we see plaque before it hardens, we can remove it without much effort. If plaque sits on teeth very long, it will harden to enamel in the form of tartar. Because there are numerous bacteria in plaque and tartar, its presence in the mouth can lead to big problems that require more extensive care, such as scaling and root planing. We think you will agree that an exam and basic cleaning sounds a lot better than more in-depth treatment such as a root canal.
  • Conservative treatment is more pleasant. When each of your dental visits is uneventful in terms of necessary procedures (and shots), your overall attitude toward seeing the dentist may change dramatically. Patients who do not require extensive repairs may feel much greater peace of mind and far less anxiety related to dental care.

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