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Dentures in Dayton, Ohio

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental prostheses that replace missing teeth. Generally, dentures are more cost effective than dental implants or a bridge; dentures are a popular option for replacing missing teeth.

Dr. John T. Green has over 30 years experience and education in prosthodontics, a special branch of dentistry that deals with the management of tooth loss and gum tissues through artificial tooth and implant support. Within our office we provide the latest Cosmetic Dentures, which are the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Tooth loss may be a result of decay, periodontal disease or trauma. While Dentures do take some getting used to, today’s Dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever before. Our Dentist will always take the time to ensure your Dentures are a perfect fit.

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Dr. John T. Green is a Cosmetic Dentist located in Dayton, Ohio. If you would like to learn more about Dentures and see if this is the right solution for you, call (937) 293-3402 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Green.