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IV Sedation

sedation dentistry | John T. Green DDSIf you fear to go to the dentist more than your mother-in-law or pictures of yourself with a perm and braces, you are certainly not alone. Going to the dentist is one of the things that most patients dread the most. And even though Dr. John T. Green does everything he can to ensure that all of his patients stay comfortable from the beginning to the end, you still may be anxious. Luckily, IV sedation, you can stay calm, cool, and collected during your entire dental procedure. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more.

What Is IV Sedation?

When it comes to dental sedation, there are several different methods including oral sedation, laughing gas, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Typically only used for procedures that are more intensive than a simple cleaning, IV sedation remains one of the most popular options. Unlike general anesthesia, where you will be unconscious during the procedure, you will be awake with IV sedation but will be in a complete state of relaxation. During IV sedation, all of your vitals will be consistently monitored, and Dr. John T. Green will be able to control the amount that you get, so if you are feeling anxious, he can administer more.

Why IV Sedation?

Anxiety can run your life, especially when it comes to your dental health. If you have been putting off going to the dentist due to the fear of pain or the procedure, you aren’t doing your mouth any favors. In fact, the longer you avoid Dr. Green for, the more likely your oral health is going to get worse. One of the greatest benefits of IV sedation is that it will make you feel calm during the entire procedure without having to go under anesthesia— which means that it’s a safe way to getting you in the dental chair.

If you can’t even remember the last time you saw Dr. Green because you have been too fearful of the dentist, it’s time to consider sedation dentistry. To learn more about IV sedation or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. John T. Green today!



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