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How to Recover from Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Dayton, OhioSimilar to how your funny bone doesn’t make you funny, your wisdom teeth, unfortunately, won’t give you wisdom. In fact, if left in too long, it’s safe to say that your wisdom teeth will only leave you with a mouth full of crowded teeth and pain. By surgically extracting your wisdom teeth you can prevent them from wreaking havoc on your otherwise perfectly straight teeth later on down the line. Because you will be under anesthesia during the surgical process, you won’t feel a thing, but while in recovery, you may start to feel some pain. Read on to learn more about how you can ensure a smooth and safe recovery.

Use Salt Water

After surgery, Dr. John T. Green will encourage you to rinse your mouth with warm salt water every few hours. By gently swishing rinsing your mouth with this concoction, you can help to protect your mouth against any harmful bacteria or germs. When rinsing your mouth, make sure that you don’t swish it around too vigorously because this could cause your incision to rip open.

Switch Out Your Gauze

For at least a day or two following your surgery, you will have to change the gauze out of your mouth to stop it from bleeding or becoming infected. The gauze itself is placed in your mouth after surgery to help stop the bleeding, but if you don’t change it, it can cause infection.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Foods

Even though you may want that cold milkshake or that piping hot bowl of mashed potatoes, extreme temperatures can harm your incision site. For at least the first few days following your surgery, try to stick to foods that are room temperature.

Put Down the Straw

Drinking out of a straw makes everything more fun— except when it comes to wisdom teeth recovery. For the first week following your surgery, try to avoid drinking out of a straw because the sucking motion can cause dry sockets to form.

Recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery is one of the most important parts of the process. By using salt water, switching out your gauze, avoiding hot or cold foods, and refraining from using a straw, you can ensure that you have a smooth recovery. To learn more about wisdom teeth removal or to schedule an appointment with Dr. John T. Green, contact our office today!

If you or your teenager still haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, consider coming in to see Dr. John T. Green for some x-rays.




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